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Welcome to Quincy University Communication Blog Page!
This page is for you to see Q.U. Communication from a students prospective, I’ll stay active on updating information as well as posting articles from our Publication Workshop class. These articles will feature Alumni, Interning Students, Communication clubs, activities and more!
Meredith Coleman is the name, I am a Senior at Quincy University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Criminal Justice. Q.U. communication program has a lot to offer any student to major in or just enhance their communication skills for any career. Outside the classroom we have QUTV, The Falcon, Lambda Pi Eta, Internships and Communications Club. If you would like to learn more you can visit our page QU Division of Fine Arts any questions just drop me a line!
View of Francis Hall on QU's campus

View of Francis Hall on QU’s campus



  1. Hannah Youngquist says:

    Enjoying the blogs! Read them often!

  2. Blaise Haxel says:

    Com is great and the schleppenbachs are the Coolest!

  3. Kelsey O'Brien says:

    Hi Beth! I’m in Dr. Schleppenbach’s class and we were talking about your blog. I was wondering what can you do with a degree in Public Relations. I plan to be a communicatoins major but I’m not sure which direction I would like to go yet.

  4. Chairtye says:

    Srry about my previous comment it uploaded before I was able to ask my question. Anyway, i wanted to know what made you choose to begin your educational experience in the communications field?

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