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Welcome to the QU Communication Club Blog! If you’re interested in film, writing, acting, editing, designing, producing, directing, public speaking, news or television reporting, this is the place for you! My name is Rachel Lee, I am the President of the club this year. I am a Communication major with a Minor in French. The other officers of the club are Courtne Matthews (Vice President), Willie Johnson (Treasurer), and Micole Guthrie-Gant (PR Representative). All of these people are heading projects and put a lot of work into the club.

     This year has been going by so fast for the QU Communication Club! Since Communication majors are involved in so many other activities, it has been a very busy year for all of us. We are continuing with our projects started at the beginning of this year as well as adding a few other projects to the list.

Our first semester concentration was geared more towards film. Though we still have our sights set on film work, we are now incorporating other sides of Communication. We are still working on the QU Dance Video. The video will feature several groups on campus dancing to “Everybody Dance Now”. So far, we have filed AOII, the QU Cheer and Dance Teams, Voices of Praise, and MSA. One group I am personally excited to film will be some of the Friars on campus.

We are also editing our first version of QU Cribs. The club’s Vice President, Courtne Matthews, was able to film a fellow club member for the very first episode.  Recently, we had an editing workshop when some of the officers of the club planned to give pointers on how to edit using different programs in the computer lab.

The newest project the club is working on is again headed by Matthews. It will be an iPod application for the Communication Department. She plans to add links to helpful websites, such as moodle, as well as a document up loader.  There will be several other items to add however, such as degree checklists and course descriptions.

Recently in our meetings we have been brainstorming and planning to get more of our projects done. Once we achieve these goals, we will be pushing forward with a student run newscast.

Again, I encourage you to check out any of our meetings which are every other Monday at 8:45pm in the basement of Centennial. For any questions ask the Gang of Three!

For this year in the Communication Club, we have a film concentration. Our three projects which are being worked on are a horror movie, QU Cribs, and a Dance Video. I highly recommend that you check out our club. If you are a Communication major, you will be working in groups for the rest of your life. This club would give you experience for when you start your career. Also, it looks great on a resume to be able to show many projects you have worked on outside of class. This experience is invaluable.
     The Com Club meets at 8:45pm every other Monday in the basement lounge of Centennial. Our next meeting will be September 28th, and will continue to be every other Monday. I hope to see you there!

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