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QUTV 2013

By: Meredith Coleman

Quincy University Television program started in the 1980’s producing from the MacHugh Theatre until the program was shut down in the early 2000’s. In 2009 Professor Travis Yates came full time to Quincy University Fine Arts and Communications program; with a background in TV it was no question that Yates wanted to revive it. He started by making it an online production.

Yates worked ten year in television newsrooms and control rooms “I do my best to mimic those working environments just on a smaller scale.” QUTV emphasizes journalism as a visual medium, producing and scripting and shootings shows as “live”. This means all mistakes made during taping are included in the final product. “It’s a great way to learn how to deal with the pressure of live television” says Yates. The team of students meet each week to throw out ideas then work accordingly with their schedules to get video, set up interviews, write and edit their stories and deliver the product by show time.

Junior Jeremy Culver has been involved in QUTV since fall of his sophomore year. He currently produces reports, anchors, and host “Clutch Time” a sports talk show. “It has greatly impacted my broadcast ability. I have become able to write TV scripts more effectively than I could in the past. I also got more on air experience that I had hoped to attain, becoming more comfortable in my delivery and my on screen appearance.” QUTV students are working hard, gaining skills and landing internships from the experience. Culver has landed two internships at TV stations since working at QUTV improving his skill to hopefully land him a career in TV. “Even if you don’t want to be in the TV industry the experience is fun,” “it’s something you can really use to apply to other career paths.”

With great guidance and hardworking students QUTV has only begun to show what it can do. WGEM and The Quincy Herald-Whig has recently awarded QUTV and the Video Production program $30,000. With this donation the university will purchase updated equipment including high definition cameras and editing software. Quincy University is currently planning on relocating and renovating the QUTV studio to North Campus.

For more information check out: http://www.thequtv.com


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