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QU Art Club

By: Meredith Coleman

Dating back to the beginning of the QU Art Department the Quincy University Art Club started with a broad range of art including drawing, murals, wood carving and stain glass window design. “Building a network of students who are interested in visual art on Quincy University’s campus, our club promotes self-expression, community and entrepreneurship” said President Matt Winfield.

“QU Art club has been a long standing group, that every couple of years re-invents itself based on the needs and interest of current art students,” said Karl Warma Associate Professor of Art is the advisor of QU Art Club. Paving the way for younger students to pursue their interest and love for art, the group has been active in Quincy Art Centers ‘Artoberfest’, leading students to SEA conference, and holding a silent auction of the student’s artwork. “Our Art Club members have on several occasions distinguished themselves by their hard work and dedication,” said Warma.

Usual meetings consist of plans for future events and working on group art projects, they provided two large paintings that displayed during the chapel fundraiser March 2013. QU Art Club is working to do more service for the community and hopefully provide underclassmen the opportunity to earn service learning hours. “Our club is free to join and is not restricted only to art majors, anyone who shares a common interest is welcome to join and participate in events.” Art club allows for the sharing, critiquing, and participation in the visual arts with peers.


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