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Senior Year

So let’s be honest, I’m not a very consistent blog writer. We could pretend it’s because I’m so busy with all my school work, and my jobs, and that I truly just have no free time.  Sadly, this is no pretend world, and it’s facebook, Glee, and Grey’s Anatomy that truly keep me from my blog writing.

I feel that this year has brought on a major case of senioritis along with a paralyzing fear about the years to come. While I am completely over getting up and going to class every day, (especially Biology, ugh! Dr. John always says Com majors are bad at math and science and in this particular case, he is 100% correct) I am nowhere near ready to attempt to enter the work world. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way and learned a lot at QU, but am I really ready to enter the real world? Will they still be kind when my writing stinks and offer advice or will they publicly butcher my writing? Who really wants to hire a Public Relations major? And most importantly, Do I really have to give up wearing sweatpants on a daily basis in exchange for professional dress?

I’ll be making an honest attempt to write more, detailing the stresses and adventure of the senior year of a COM major, and as always feel free to make comments, suggestions, and give me stuff to write about.


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