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Spring Break

Well, since none of my readers have given me anything to talk about, yet again, today’s blog is yet again my choice on what to tell you.  (I’m not sure if this means I don’t have any readers or if you are just an untalkative bunch. Personally, I’m hoping you are just quite shy with your feedback. I like to believe someone actually reads this, so here’s to hoping.)

Spring break is approaching and this is one of the biggest times for mission trips here at QU. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it’s something I feel passionately about. This year QU has started at 50 States Service Project where they are trying to send students and alumni to all 50 states across the US.

 The QU website has a link that I highly encourage you to check out, as it is way more informed about the project than I am. So if you decided to come here as a COM major, look into being a COM major who serves others across the US and figure out what you can do for the community.


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