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Who cares?

Dr. John always wants to know who cares when you are writing a piece. How does this relate to them? Why is this interesting? Will anyone even want to read this? And I suppose it makes sense in some ways. Who will read the newspaper or a magazine if they aren’t interested or they don’t care?  But does everyone care? Does anyone care?

So here is my question for the day:  Do you always have to write for someone? I mean, I get that if you are writing as your job, and getting a paycheck, yes people must be interested, but sometimes, just sometimes, you could write for yourself.

Lets be honest, I try to write blogs that you are interested in, something that you want to read, but sometimes, I don’t have real interesting or exciting things to say. I’m a talkative girl, so I can ALWAYS say things, but meaningful things, that’s another story.  I’m always up for suggestions for my blog so if you think I can say anything meaningful, please let me know.

So if you are ever bored with my writing, or anyone else’s for the matter, remember that not everything is meaningful, and quite frankly, I’m okay with that.


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