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It’s a brand new year…

So maybe the end of January is a little to late to start an article about the brand new year, but since this is my first post of the year, I’ll allow it. I could say my New Years Resolution was to write more, but then you would obviously see that I’m failing at my goals, so let’s pretend that it wasn’t.

I always wonder what you want to know about my life as a Communications student. As much my day-to-day schedule of sleep, shower, class, food, homework, work, food, sleep, is extremely thrilling, sometimes, I just don’t know what to share.  This semester classes have gotten in the way of my college life.  I know that maybe this is the way that college should be, that I should spend my time studying,  that I should go to all my classes. Needless to say, I feel a little bitter when I’m stuck in my apartment writing articles, working on press releases, and reading textbooks, while my friends are out at the bars.

The moral of the story, is that college life is harsh sometimes. Sometimes you actually have to work, and don’t just get to play.  Regardless of this fact, you will only get the chance to be an irresponsible college student once, so don’t squander that opportunity either. Finding a balance between the two, can be difficult, but it’s always a work in progress.


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