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Counting down the days.

So since it’s FINALLY December 1st, it’s time to start the countdown to Christmas.  I know plenty of people have started this countdown weeks ago, but come on, there is absolutely no need to start celebrating and buying for Christmas before today.

I feel like the holidays start earlier and earlier every year. I turned on the radio like 3 weeks ago and Christmas music was already playing. I mean, come on, it hadn’t even been thanksgiving yet. Give a girl a chance to pig out on turkey and pie before she even has to consider all the christmas cookies.

And now here comes the worst part of Christmas, this holiday which is supposed to be about Christ’s birth, the never-ending battle to get everyone exactly what present they want at the best deal possible. Everyone has their very specific Christmas needs and know exactly what they want, often times down to the brand model. It’s not like Mary made a wish list for Jesus specifically writing down, gold, frankincense, and myrrh he got what he was given.  I think this Christmas we all need to appreciate the friends and people we have in our lives a little bit more than the gifts we are about to receive.

Also, my christmas hint to all my teachers here. While I may  have just ranted about how I hate that Christmas comes early all the time, canceling one of these finals or a giant end of the year paper would be an excellent early Christmas present.


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