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The semester is winding down…

So the semester is almost over, which can be both a blessing and a curse on campus. Its great that thanksgiving break and Christmas break are approaching, but the end of the semester often signals a ton of homework and giant end of the year papers.

Granted, I’ve know about the giant papers I have to do in every class since the beginning of the semester and the excessive ammount of stress I have now is my own fault, but it still is pretty stressful. Being a COM student is kinda helpful in times like this because you are super used to writing a lot by now, and generally speaking, you’re pretty good at it too. That doesn’t change the fact that you probably don’t want to write an annotated bibliography on Communications Law and Ethics, but you know you can bust it out because, hey, you don’t really have a choice.

This time of year also means signing up for your classes for next semester, trying to get all the classes you need while still avoiding friday classes so you can have long weekends every week. Also, if you hate mornings, like myself, it means dreading the fact that one of your required classes next semester is at 8 AM. We still have to push the stress aside and focus on all the projects due soon.

So we will all be spending much more time in the library, more time getting late night snacks, and more time enjoying each other, because we don’t have much time left in the semester.


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