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The Falcon

So lets talk about the Falcon, and I’m not talking about the bird. The Falcon is our student newspaper that comes out every month or two and is full of student authors and opinions.  You’re guess is as good as mine as to why it’s called the Falcon when we are the Quincy Hawks, but regardless of the confusing title it’s a pretty good read.

As a communications student, you are required to have 3 credit hours of Falcon experience.  So while there are a lot of Com majors there at the meetings getting the great experience, there are plenty of other non-communication students who also write for the paper.   The program is great in the way that you can pick what you want to write about.  You can pick between news, opinion, sports, features or just write about what you want and they editors will find a place for it.

 As a com student you will have to write for the paper regardless, so it’s really best to embrace the situation. Pick subjects you are interested to write in, take photos for the paper, or help with layout.  You’ll meet a lot of older com students and you can really enjoy the experience. Plus it looks great on a resume! So grab a falcon next time you see one and give it a read, you could be writing for it soon!


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