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So what are classes really like?

So I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about classes in general here at Quincy, but what about your specific communication classes? Like all the classes at QU, the class size is pretty small.  This is good or bad depending on how you look at it. It’s great because your teachers are always there to answer your questions and most classes are very interactive.  It’s not so great when you try to take a nap in a class of ten or fifteen or skip class; teachers notice.

As a communications student, you are going to write a lot in a lot of your classes.  It’s sometimes not the most fun in the world, but if you look past the writing something ridiculous on a fake story, you really are going to pick up a bunch of skills that you will use in real life.  Most of the stuff you do in class is applicable in a real life job situation, unlike that complex algebra and calculus.

I highly recommend that you actually get to know your teachers and don’t just sit silently in the back.  Everyone is great about answering questions and most are more than willing to hold discussions about topics that you aren’t understanding or you don’t necessarily agree with.  Plus, if you really are struggling with the class and you are on good terms with your teacher, they know this early on and they can help put you back on course.

Most of all enjoy your classes. Pick electives that you really like and in your required classes bring up relevent topics that you are interested in or want to learn more about.


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