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So you’re thinking about QU…

So if you’re reading my blog there’s several possible options of how you got here:

-You’re a perspective student and interested in the school and communications (Come check it out- you’ll love it)

– You’re already a student and Dr. John is making you  look at this in class

If you don’t fit in any of those categories welcome anyways!  I’m going to try and keep this blog pretty well updated but please read the previous entries by Colleen, her blogs are full of great information and fun to read.   So here’s a little about the program.  If you know you want to be a Com major try to get set up with an advisor in the department as soon as possible, I can’t recommend a particular one because they are all great and are good at getting you the schedule that you want and that will help you graduate right on time.  So I’m sure I’ll go into more details about everything in later blogs but here are some com student basics I think you should know:

– Start with the Falcon early.  It’s a great way to meet upper classmen com majors and it is required.  If you find out you like it, you can try to work your way up to editor.

-You will hear about internships ALL THE TIME. Dr. John LOVES them. And seriously, take advantage of them. Its great to have work experience and most of them are paid.

-You are gonna do a LOT of writing.  If you hate writing, it’s gonna be a tough 4 years.

-There are a a lot of clubs and opportunities for com students. Take them, they will be useful for you. You’ll meet other com students and be the first to hear about upcoming opp0rtunties.

There will be plenty more to come here, so come back and feel free to leave comments or topics you want me to write about. I’d love some feedback!


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