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Stress and the College Student

I don’t know what it is with going to college (and maybe it’s just QU but I really don’t think so)… there are those students that do nothing and those students that do it all. And at the same time everyone seems to be equally as stressed out for various reasons. Homework, class, work, friends, clubs, meetings, problems, drama, boys, girls… the list of factors is endless. 

And yet, for some reason, there are those of us that just keep piling it on. I have two internships, I tutor for the communications classes, I’m on the exec board for two different clubs, I’m taking 16 credit hours of classwork, and I just agreed to be layout editor for the Falcon. 

Basically, we bring it on ourselves. I can’t say no to people. I didn’t have to agree to do layout. I didn’t have to run for Vice President of anything. But people convince me that I should. “It’s good for your resume”, “It’ll give you great life experiences.” Does it ever end? Will I ever learn to say no to people. I just keep piling my obligations on thinking that I have nothing to do but when does this “nothing” become too much. In two years I went from spending my free time watching TV and playing mancala to doing far more than I ever realized.

Is life going to be this hectic forever?


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