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New President…?

The absolute funniest thing happened to me the other day. Well, not to me, but I was there as a witness and boy am I glad.

So student senate held an ice cream social last Tuesday just to kind of get their name out, let people know what they do… the usual purpose of a start-of-school-year social. Me and my friend Katie decided that after our night class we would go, eat ice cream, and support the fact that my house mate is student senate president and might yell at me should I have decided not to attend her event.

Luckily, class got out early so we weren’t as late as we thought we’d be. We walk down to the basement of the student center and sitting there is Dr. Gervasi, the new president. Katie, being who she is, walks up to him and starts talking to him about whatever- random things. Upon seeing his QU polo shirt she proceeds to ask him, “So, are you a new faculty member?” He responds very vaguely with “Why, yes, I am. I just started this year. I’m just getting used to things around here and trying to meet people.” This, of course, sparked a conversation about going new places, meeting new people, blah, blah, blah.

But, of course, Katie did not notice the fact that we all laughed at her just a little bit when she asked him if he was new. So once that conversation died down a bit she decided to investigate just what this man does for the school, obviously still not recognizing his high and very public position of president. She asks him “So, are you the new history professor?” at which point everyone in the vicinity starts laughing hysterically and he awkwardly responds “Well, actually, I’m the new president of this school. I just started this semester…”

All in all, the point of this story is to basically say, we have a new president… and maybe you might want to know who that is just to avoid strange conversations with him at any point in time. Luckily, you can go to http://www.quincy.edu/AboutQU/newpresident.php to find out whatever you want to know about him (and see a picture- no awkward moments for you!), such as the fact that he can fluently speak and write 7 languages… who knew.

Hopefully this works out for our school. I guess the previous president wasn’t working out for a number of reasons, and we’re hoping that his combined background in both higher learning and marketing will equal out to a better learning environment and a place that students will want to come to and stay.


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