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Honors Program

So, I just got back from class a couple hours ago and realized that I’m ridiculous. Somehow my conveniently set up schedule of posts every Monday and Friday has gone downhill very fast, and suddenly there is nothing for me to post anymore. Oops, my bad.

But then I realized that hey, here’s something I haven’t written about- the honors program. I just gave a very compelling presentation for my honors class about proportion and harmony (which I won’t bore you with- don’t worry. I will tell you, however, that it did involve Donald in Mathmagic Land… which is always nice).

Anyway, that made me realize that it’s a good topic to tell you, my oh so devoted readers, about the honors program. I’m not entirely sure what the requirements are for it… I know as an incoming freshmen they take people with an ACT of 27 or higher, but to get into it beyond that you just have to have at least a 3.5 college GPA.

The benefits are simple- bragging rights. It’s all about the resume, right? This is just one of those things that may or may not actually benefit you in the long run but for now, it’s nice to have that one extra thing to tell future employers about. That, and Dr. Mike who’s in charge of the program, hosts a back to school party with home made pizza, and a sweet Christmas party complete with presents. I’m clearly willing to do anything for food and gifts…

All you have to do once you’re in the program though is to take at least 6 honors classes over the course of your 4 years here (very easy- honors classes usually just involve an extra paper or presentation or something like that) and maintain a decent GPA. And then, when you graduate, it’s notated on your transcripts and stuff that you RULE… or something like that.


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