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The Learning Resource Center

So, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe you haven’t… But it’s one of the greatest resources you will ever encounter at Quincy University (or other schools… I’m sure they all have something like it).

It’s the Learning Resource Center (also called the “LRC” by us cool kids). Basically all it is is a place to go when you’re having trouble with a class. There are tutors available for almost any class you could possibly take who will help you with any problem you could possibly be having.

There’s a schedule of when tutors will be available in the LRC posted in the hallway outside the room. There is also a tutor list complete with phone numbers so you can call or contact them to schedule a time outside of their regular tutoring hours.

And listen to me when I say this- you don’t have to be a complete dope to use the LRC (in fact, you’d be a complete dope not to utilize it). You can even come in just to work on homework if that’s all you want. It’s completely up to you. Either way, it’s an awesome resource for any college student.


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