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Freshmen Orientation

So it was quite a busy week this week. Care to know why?

Well, let me tell you anyway. Freshman orientation. Seriously, if I knew how much work went into this one little weekend I probably would have been much more open to it my freshman year. Or at least tried to be…

It actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun though… for me! Just kidding. There are a lot of activities planned for the incoming students (388 of them… intimidating for a small school) that sound like tons of fun.

Friday- Move in. Maybe doesn’t sound like fun but here’s the thing… the Orientation Crew has to help move the new students into their dorms. So basically they can lounge in their air conditioned rooms while we slave away with their things (or, you know, we carry the light stuff and rely on brothers and dads for the heavy things… whatever). We then have a dinner arranged for the students and their families before they all go home and leave their student behind. A couple of ice breakers are in the mix for Friday night but hey, what would orientation be without ice breakers, eh?

Saturday- Some interesting shows and such are arranged for the new students, including a show called Sex Signals which is this intense show about date rape and other college issues (but it’s weird because they’re a comedy duo too.. so it starts off all funny and everyone’s laughing and then it’s like- BOOM!- date rape?). Some get-to-know-the-campus type activities are also planned for the students, including a scavenger hunt complete with awesome prizes.

Sunday- Best. Day. EVER! Okay so it starts off with informational sessions about setting up your schedule and e-mail and everything… but that night rocks. TCBY provides ice cream for an ice cream social, a band and a DJ are coming to play music, and there’s going to some awesome events going on in the student center- all for free! What are these awesome events? Well, a digital photo booth, a wax hand sculpture making thing, sandy candy stands, and a caricature artist. I’m not going to lie- that’s a lot better than the ice cream and movie social they had for my class freshman year…

Monday- Nothing really… Just a poster sale going on by Beyond the Wall posters. It’s a great place though to buy pictures and things for your room. They actually have it set up on Monday and Tuesday from 9-5 so there’s plenty of time to squeeze that in your busy, busy schedule.

Honestly though, orientation is a lot of fun. I met a lot of my best friends at the random events held during orientation. Who knows who you’ll meet.

For more info on that you can go to http://www.quincy.edu/CampusLife/neworientation.php

And classes start on Monday night. I don’t really feel ready at all but, hey, what can you do? Summer suddenly ends and you’re back to the world of tests, papers, and portfolio projects. Oh joy!


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