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It’s a QUEST!

So I wasn’t part of the QUEST program when I was a freshman. Basically what it is though is a college preparatory course the week before freshmen orientation to help students get adjusted to the idea of college work and college life. All I know is coming into freshmen orientation I was so jealous of this one group of about 20 students who all knew each other and seemed like they were the best of friends. Meanwhile the rest of us had to struggle through forming friendships with our room mates, floor mates, and orientation group members.

QUEST actually stands for Quincy University’s Early STart program. Creative, eh? Anyway, the QUEST programs covers a broad spectrum of topics in a compressed weeklong format. Because the course is compressed, they also have the option of seeing tutors, talking with the professors outside of class, and other academic support from the Learning Resource Center. They also participate in workshops designed to promote the knowledge and skills essential for success during the first semester at the University level. They also plan out leisure activities for the QUEST students, so it’s not like it’s all work and no play. Hardly.

The QUEST program for this year just started but it’s funny because I’m not used to seeing people on campus again. I guess the school year is starting up again but I feel like there should be another month of the summer ahead. Going to Ireland seriously ate a chunk out of my summer… not that I regret it but man, I am so not ready for school. Oh well.

Next step is Orientation, which started this week… The freshmen move in today and we get to help them move (by help I mean carry all the lighter things while the fathers and big football players declare that it’s not your place to be carrying TVs up 3 flights of stairs… thank god!).


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