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Big Bands at QU?

So… this past weekend I was at the Vans Warped Tour in Tinley Park (amazing fun!) but as I was looking through the set list and the list of bands I realized something- Quite a few of those bands I had seen before. Naturally my first thought was that maybe when they were just getting their start while I was still in high school I saw them at some outdoor festival in downtown Chicago or something like that. But then I thought about it… it was actually at QU. Very strange, considering students tend to laugh and joke that any band that comes to QU must be down on their luck and never going to make it anywhere.

So, I know the Warped Tour isn’t like top of the line “OMG, you’ve hit your peak!” necessarily. But still, most of these bands I expected to see playing at other colleges, and maybe some small venues. Warped Tour was the last place I thought I’d see them but there it was- Ludo (2nd semester, freshman year), State and Madison (second semester, junior year), and one more but I don’t remember who it was. So, basically, I paid $40 for a ticket to see people I saw for free during school. Alright so that’s a slight exaggeration considering there was WAY more bands than just those three. Whatever. You get the idea.

Actually, every other Thursday (or at least one Thursday per month) SPB sponsors Rock the Nest, which is an acoustic series of performers that’s free to students (and you get popcorn and soda too!). About a year and a half ago there was a performer named Cary Judd who performed at the Rock the Nest. Not only was he one of the best performers that we had at that whole series that year, he was also SUPER nice. After the show me and my friend decided to hang around and talk. Turns out performers don’t like to just go home after a show either- we ended up deciding to go bowling with Cary Judd, his friend, and the Vice President of SPB. It was one of the most random nights of my college life (and that’s saying something!) but it was also one of the most memorable.

That all just goes to show that, sure, we’re a smaller campus than, say, U of I, but we still have some pretty great entertainment that goes on long after the show is over. How often does THAT happen at U of I? Not very often, I’d think.


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