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What Can Communications Do For You?

Sure, choosing a major is probably going to be the hardest thing you’ll do in all four years of college, if you haven’t already decided. But after that, what comes next? Find a job, continue your education at grad school, move home and work at McDonald’s (hopefully not…)?

The options are virtually endless considering very few people actually make use of their major once they graduate (according to my dad, at his 25th Reunion from ISU, out of 8 people at his table he was the only one actually utilizing his college course of study).

That’s not to say that once you graduate with a communications degree you can throw all hope of broadcast, PR, or whatever you end up studying out the door. Many graduates from QU have made great use of their undergraduate education and moved on to bigger and better things.

Graduate school is a common option, depending on what you what to do. Northwestern has a good journalism program, Boston University has a number of Communication options, and at least one recent QU graduate has gone on to Northern Illinois University for Communication Studies.

But, maybe graduate school isn’t for you. I know one of my main problems with the idea of grad school is the idea of paying for grad school. Unless you get into a graduate assistant program or some other work-study/financial aid program, graduate school will likely drain your bank account into negative number. Extremely high negative numbers. Then what?

Get a job, of course! One of the best things about a communications major is that you can do so much with it! Monster.com has a Major to Career Converter which you can find here that can be a big help when evaluating where to go and what to do after college, no matter what your major is. According to the converter, a communications major is likely to be able to get a job as:

Advertising copywriter, advertising manager, audio/video specialist, broadcast advertising salesperson, campaign manager, communications lawyer, customer service representative, events planner, fashion merchandiser, graphic artist, greeting card writer, human resources administrator, industrial & labor relations specialist, media buyer, meeting planner, news writer/editor, photojournalist, print production coordinator, public relations specialist, publisher, radio/TV announcer, reporter , research worker, sales representative, special events coordinator, speechwriter, spokesperson, sportscaster, video programmer, writer/author… to name a few. Seriously, there were tons more listed…

Graduates from QU have gone on to work in Quincy, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, and places even farther away working in public relations, broadcast, journalism, and other fields. Who knows where I’ll end up… Where will you go?


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