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Get a Job

Adjusting to college and the schoolwork and the social life that goes with it can be tricky enough, and when you add in a job on the side, things have the potential to get chaotic in your life. Not that everything will necessarily fall apart but it’s probably a good idea to get used to school before diving into a new job as well.

Enter in on-campus jobs. They’re always available (to those who qualify) doing a number of different things- Teachers’ Assistant, library worker, student ambassador for the Admissions Department, Physical Plant worker, Health and Fitness Center receptionist… just to name a few. These on-campus jobs are a great way to make a little money without stressing yourself out (in fact, a lot of these jobs include downtime when you can just do your homework or whatever you want to do). The hours usually aren’t bad at all (10-15 hours per week max, typically) and… ok, well the pay is just minimum wage but hey, it’s better than nothing, you know?

And maybe the idea of working in a library or working for a teacher or whatever isn’t really for you. Naturally you could always find a job in the town somewhere, at the mall or I don’t even know. Anywhere you want, really.

Internships are also always a possibility but I’ll go into more detail on that some other time. The good thing about internships at QU, though? They’re always paid internships. We have a grant that allows the school to pay employers half their interns’ wages. That’s a plus for them and maybe even for you, as it may be a motive for them to pay you even more.


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