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Lambda Pi Eta…Don’t Be a Hata

You say lame, we say catchy catchphrase to put on the backs of our t-shirts to demonstrate just how much other people just wish they could be a Communications major. Or not.

Anyway, Lambda Pi Eta is quite simply the Communications Honor Society for upperclassmen Communication majors. In the past, well… they didn’t really do anything. It was more something you paid your $30 dues for and could then put it on your resume and brag about to all your friends from home- “Yeah, I’m in Lambda Pi Eta. Jealous?” …To which you probably would just get a few blank stares and an awkward silence in response.

But this past year we decided to switch it up. Rather than do the usual sign up, pay your dues, and never meet as a club again, we decided to schedule bi-monthly meetings and actually do something. It began perfectly, but I have a confession… although we may have started this and it seemed like it was going to be great, after Christmas Break things fell apart. The Trivia Night for Charity that we had been planning got pushed to next year, the prizes we had already collected from donations got put in the advisor’s desk drawer (I think…), and meetings ceased to happen.

Next year, though… We have renewed hope for next year. We’ll have new members, new ideas, and half the work is already done so all we have to do is actually schedule and put on the Trivia Night. That and a president who’s willing to take on the job, but I don’t really have doubts that at least that will happen for us come next year.

I’ll probably be talking more about Lambda Pi Eta once school starts and meetings pick up and we actually start doing things worth talking about. We shall see, my friends… we shall see.


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