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Campus Extras

Obviously there’s more to a college campus than the dorms and the classroom buildings, and QU is no exception. The Health and Fitness Center, which was closed for a week or so to house the National Guard during the flood, has a pool, hot tub, basketball courts, volleyball nets, racquetball courts, a weight room, cardio equipment, and a suspended track. It’s actually pretty new. It was finished maybe a couple years before my freshmen year. It’s pretty nice- you should check it out. The funny thing is, it’s on the opposite side of campus from the dorms so the common complaint is “…but it’s too far away!” Ironic…

Much to my dismay, college students are not immune to sickness and disease. That’s why it’s always nice to know that there’s a Wellness Center located right on campus that will see students for free and even sneak them into the Doctor’s office for ASAP appointments when necessary. Try to have an insurance card in your wallet just in case you do ever need to go to the doctor. I left mine at home and apparently that just causes problems when you show up at the receptionist desk and have nothing. Oh well, it got worked out in the end… just a little hint though. Bring the card to school- it makes life easier.

Occasionally there comes a time in everyone’s life when they just need someone to talk to. Sometimes, my problem with that is that either what I need to talk about is too complicated to explain to my closest friends, involves my closest friends leaving me with nobody to talk to, or involves people that my closest friends may know and that makes it hard to really talk to them about it. That’s where the counseling center comes in. A licensed counselor is available by appointment or walk-in to treat and discuss and provide services for Anxiety and stress depression, relationship concerns (friends and/or partners), worries regarding grades/major, family situations, adjustment to University life, and other mental health issues. The Counseling Center also will collaborate with community health professionals tp provide you with the best care you may need.

Ministers from the Campus Ministry department are also always available to talk and provide guidance in spiritual or any aspect of life. They also arrange different service projects and other activities for the campus. The best (in my opinion) is Grilled Cheese Night, which they’ve been having as a study break during finals week. Bill, the campus ministry, makes great grilled cheese. I don’t even know why they’re so great… grilled cheese is pretty basic but he does something…

Enough about silly things like health and spirituality… just kidding! But no really, one of my favorite parts of walking into the library (aside from all the books… yay learning) is the Gray Gallery. Located in the front entranceway and the foyer of the Brenner Library is a small art gallery run by Bob Mejer. Local artists and artists from all over the country are both featured in art shows that are completely free to the public. They also have student art shows at the end of every school year so it’s always fun to see your own artwork in there if you took an art class during the year.

You can’t really take classes without books… sadly… And for that, we have the Campus Bookstore, which sells QU apparel and gifts, school supplies, and of course, books. It’s located underneath the cafeteria in the student center, which was actually just fixed up recently with new paint, TVs, wall decorations, and more. It looks a lot better down there than it used to and it actually is a fun place to do homework or watch TV or whatever floats your boat. You can get wireless too so a lot of people will bring their laptops and go online. It’s fun stuff. Try it out.


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