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Study Abroad

So… maybe you’ll be shocked to find out that I just got back from Ireland. Or maybe you don’t care. I don’t know. It was pretty much the experience of a lifetime and I am so glad that I decided to go. I have family that lives in a small town in Tipperary so my grandma, my sister, my cousin, and I all went to stay with them. It’s always nice to not have to pay for a hotel, especially with exchange rates as horrible as they are right now. It costs enough just to be able to eat, you know? I just wish I could have traveled to more places in Europe… oh well. Next time, perhaps. If there is a next time… We’ll see.

My cousin studied abroad in Galway, Ireland  a couple years ago and she managed to travel her way to Italy, Norway, Germany, England, Scotland, and so many European places it makes me dizzy. And somewhat jealous. I guess I needed to spend more time in Ireland and gosh, I wish I could have.  Should have studied abroad, I reckon… Studying abroad is actually a great opportunity that Quincy University and other schools offer.

QU has a number of options for study abroad with the International Study Program.

Assisi Experience Program- Being a Franciscan school it’s only natural that we’d have a Franciscan-style study abroad too. Students in this take a course before heading off to Italy to tour Assisi, San Damiano, LaVerna, Grecchio, Vatican City, and Rome. The class and trip together are worth six credit hours so that’s not a bad deal either.

Regent’s College in London, England- I had a couple friends go through this program last year for a semester they have a number of study programs available for joint credit with Regent’s College and QU. You take classes in the college in London for credit at QU, plus you get a number of opportunities to travel both independently and with a group.

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)- QU has a contract of some sort that allows student to go all over the world with this program. The consortium allows students to study 48 different programs in 29 different countries throughout Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and North America.

Loyola University Rome Center- The union between the Loyola Rome Center and QU is a long-standing one. Students are allowed to attend school at the Rome Center for a semester or a year and then transfer the credit back to QU upon their return. My mom went to Rome through this program when she was in college and she absolutely loved it.

If there’s a program that you know of that isn’t available directly through QU, it’s also possible to talk to Linda Godley who is in charge of all that and she might be able to arrange it for you for credit. There are a lot of opportunities to be had through studying abroad. Everyone I know who has done it has loved it so much they didn’t want to leave wherever it was they studied. I wish I had had a chance to study abroad but my timing was all off and I procrastinated too much. Oh well, maybe it will work out better for you.


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