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Dorms… so many options!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner… Choosing what dorm to live in my freshman year was the hardest decision I had to make that entire summer. Okay so maybe not really, but it certainly seemed like it at the time. I had no idea what the difference was between the two options they gave me and on my tour of campus they only showed me one of the dorms anyway. Not that I regret the decision I finally made of where to live- in fact, I wouldn’t change it for the world. But that was all based on luck if you ask me. Or maybe I would have been happy wherever I ended up… I don’t know. Either way, here’s a little guide to the world of dorms at Quincy University (interestingly though, the dorms have changed around a little bit since I started- now more of them are co-ed than before).

Freshmen Options:

Yeah, Freshmen don’t get to live wherever they want right off the bat…

Centennial Hall– Next year it will become the only single-sex dorm on campus. Centennial Hall is interesting in how it’s built. It’s really one big building that’s split down the middle and joined by a shared common room. Men live on one side, women on the other. The common room is nice because it has a fire place and games and other fun stuff. People actually do tend to use it a lot.

Garner Hall– This was my freshman dorm but, when I started, it was all girls living here. Beginning next year it will be co-ed, with floors alternating men and women. The third floor is especially fun in nice weather because there’s an outdoor deck with tables and chairs that you can go onto at any time. We spent a lot of time there my freshman year with food and shakes from Steak N Shake. The other floors have indoor lounges that are good for those late-nights full of last minute homework when all your roommate wants to do is sleep.

Padua Hall– Once a men-only dorm, administration decided at some point this past year that mixing single rooms with shared rooms is a bad idea. Enter Padua Hall- the co-ed dorm for anyone interested in living without a roommate. Despite the fact that this dorm was once ruled by sweaty football players, new furniture and a really good cleaning job makes this dorm a good option for anyone not interested in sharing a room.

Transfer Students and Upperclassmen Options:

Willer Hall– The rooms are a little bit different in this dorm, in that you have a roommate, and six suitemates with whom you share a common room complete with a couch and some chairs (and usually a TV though this depends on the people who live in the room). Suites cannot be co-ed but the building itself is shared by men and women.

Friars’ Hall– This building has an interesting history. For many years it was home to the many Friars that lived on QU’s campus. As the number of Friars dwindled, they couldn’t fill the building anymore and the friars were moved to a house nearby and the building was turned into an office building. That didn’t last all that long however, and it was turned into an Honors Dorm where only those students with 3.0 GPA or higher are allowed to live. The same rules apply to this day, although I think if it isn’t full after students with a high enough GPA apply to live there, anyone is allowed to try for a room. These rooms are nice because they are all singles and complete with a sink, a mirror, and a medicine cabinet set up like a little powder room in the middle of the room next to the closet (which altogether divides the room into a sitting room area and a bedroom area).

Houses and Apartments– Open only to seniors and juniors with enough credits, the houses and apartments provide a glimpse into the real world living without the responsibility of paying bills or cutting the grass (sadly, housekeeper not provided- sorry!). The house options are numerous and range from 1 person houses to 6 person houses and the apartments can be for 1 to 3 people.

Most of the dorm rooms are the same size, 10’6” x 15’6” (Willer and Friars hall rooms are a bit bigger than the other dorm rooms though).

So those are all your housing options. If you have any other questions, leave a comment or e-mail me or you can visit the school’s residence life section of the website.


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