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Meet the Professors

One of the best things about Quincy University is the fact that you really get to know your professors. It’s not like bigger universities where the classes are so large you just get lost in the crowd and to your advisor you become just a number. From the moment I declared my major, my advisor has known who I am, what classes I’m taking, what classes I’m not looking forward to, and takes a genuine interest in my schoolwork and life. It’s so such a better learning environment, at least for me, getting to know the person that you’ll be learning from and actually being able to do this.

Here’s a little bit about some of the professors of Communication (and some of the programs associated with Communications):

Dr. John Schleppenbach: Dr. John, as we like to call him, is in charge of the internship program at QU so classes with him generally start off with him placing a sheet of paper full of the latest internships on the overhead projector and saying “Here are some of the internships we have available…” and going on to explain some of the reasons why every person in the entire world should have an internship while they’re in college. He’s from Canada so he’ll tend to compare situations regarding how they would be handled in Canada vs. the Midwest and then add an “eh?” to the end of the sentence just for kicks. The whole reason he came to Quincy in the first place was so he could work with Henry Hyatt on the Folklore of Adams County and he continues to work with that today.

Dr. Barbara Schleppenbach: Yes, that’s right- she’s Dr. John’s husband (and also the reason we call him “Dr. John”- having 2 Dr. Schleppenbachs makes it very tricky to communicate). Dr. Barb is actually my advisor and she’s one of the nicest women I have met at QU. She will go out of her way to make time for students’ needs, which sometimes can be tricky since she is the Chair of the department as well as taking on some of the duties of the Vice President of Academic Affairs for a short while. She actually went to Stanford to earn her Ph.D. on a full scholarship (which Dr. John will brag about more than she does).

Travis Yates: So he’s actually in charge of Marketing and Public Relations for the school but hey- who better to teach PR than the local PR guy? He took on the job of teaching the two classes in public relations about a year ago, when the professor who used to teach them left suddenly for another job. He’s one of the biggest animal-lovers I have ever met, and even cancelled class twice when his dog had to be taken to St. Louis for surgery.

Bob Mejer: Aka “Mejer Bob” (his last name is pronounced “Major”) is one of the funniest men you will ever meet simply because of the random things that come out of his mouth. He’s one of the art professors here and he’s definitely qualified for it. The man has been a part of a lot of art shows here in Quincy as well as elsewhere, plus he’s the curator of QU’s Grey Gallery. He is frequently spotted by students at Steak n Shake late at night, usually not before 11:00.

Karl Warma: Karl is one of the newest additions to the art department and also one of the quirkiest. “Just say yowza!” is just one of his common catchphrases. He oftentimes will come to concerts and other events on campus just to sketch the singers or bands or the scenery. Oftentimes he can be found in his office until past midnight. With an intense passion for both photography and graphic design, Karl is one of the most interesting teachers you could ever have at QU.

Those are really just the main ones. Obviously there are other Communications professors that aren’t around as much or a couple that just started teaching who I don’t really know so much. It kind of seems weird that students can get to know teachers on such a close-knit level but really, it’s great. Anytime I need help with anything I can just walk into Dr. Barb or Dr. John’s office to complain or talk or whatever. In fact, I ended up talking to Dr. John just today about how the summer has been going just because I walked past his office on the way to my summer school class. Such is life at QU.


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