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The Town

Something that scared me the most about coming here was the idea of moving from Chicago to a small town surrounded by corn fields. I’ve come to realize that it’s really not that bad, especially since Quincy is surrounded by a number of even smaller towns so it’s actually the hot spot of the area. Plus, it’s been growing in the 3 years that I’ve been here which makes me even happier (we just got a Buffalo Wild Wings. Yes!). Besides the corporate chains, though, does have Quincy a lot to offer. It’s fun just to take afternoons and explore the coffee shops of Quincy or take random walks through South Park and venture along the creek that goes through it. Some of my favorite places that I’ve found in my three years of exploring here are:


The Abbey- Located just a block away from campus this restaurant is a favorite amongst students at QU. Their food is delicious plus they have an incredible variety, from seafood and steaks to burgers and other sandwiches. Their mozzarella stick appetizer is absolutely delicious- that’s pretty much the main reason I like to go there, personally.

Gem City Pizzeria and Mexican- This is one of two restaurants that feature Mexican cuisine paired with pizza. It seems funny at first, but you really get used to the idea of eating nachos, burritos, and quesadillas while the next table over is munching on a giant pizza. Their pizza is an especially nice break from the usual Domino’s and Papa John’s.

El Rancherito- So it may not be genuine Mexican food like you’d find in Chicago but it’s still so delicious. For a stretch of this year three friends and I were going here once a week it’s so good. The waiters are generally extremely nice and offer suggestions on what to get if you can’t decide- a problem that I know I frequently have.

Pop’s Pizza- This place just opened up about a year or two ago and I’d say they have the best pizza in town. They have like three different crust options and a number of pizza toppings for you to choose from. I like to get something completely different every time I go, just because I can.

Tiramisu- I’m beginning to notice a trend here, and that is that I really like both Italian and Mexican food, apparently. Either that or Quincy really does… But don’t worry, Tiramisu is honestly one of the best, nice Italian places around. Sometimes we like to get dressed up just for kicks, come here to eat, then go down by the river (just a block or two from the restaurant) and take formal looking pictures. …Or sometimes we just show up in jeans and a t-shirt. It’s really your call.

Lakeview Restaurant- This is a random little restaurant on Broadway that I had never even noticed until earlier this year when we decided to try out someplace we’d never been to. The food here is great and won’t cost you a fortune. My favorite is their salads- they come in neat dishes that make the salad stay cold.

Sho Mi Sushi- OK so I’ve never actually been here but I felt it right to brag about the fact that Quincy does have a sushi/Japanese restaurant. I’ve heard the atmosphere rocks and the food is delicious… I’m just too nervous to try raw fish.

Fun Places to Go

Casino Lanes- Ah, bowling- that classic activity for a night when there is just nothing to do. This place is especially great on Thursday nights starting at 9:30 (but get there at 9 or else the lanes fill up- no joke) because it’s just $5 to bowl AND you get a free drink. You can’t get much better than that (especially when you’re in college).

Moorman-Wavering Park- This place rocks my spring and summers (and falls, too when it’s nice out). They have miniature golf, Frisbee golf, paddle boats, batting cages, and plenty of room to just run around or have a picnic. The Aquatic Center has sand volleyball and a pool with a slide, too. The best part though? Mostly everything here is either free or extremely inexpensive.

Kerasotes Theaters- I just went here a couple days ago. The theater across the street from the mall is definitely better but hey- both have movies so I’m not really picky. Tuesdays you can go see any movie at any time for only $5.50 and get you a free bag of popcorn.

Quincy Community Theater- They put on shows regularly that are usually interesting and fun to see. Little Shop of Horrors is coming up so I’m pretty excited for that. The tickets aren’t even that expensive so it’s classy entertainment that even college kids can afford.

QU Stadium- Random? Maybe. But during the summer QU stadium is home to the Quincy Gems and you can always find a lot of people here for the games. And during the school year our baseball, softball, football, and soccer teams play here so that’s always a blast.

Maine Street- Walking or riding a bike down this street is a lot of fun because the architecture is so intense. A lot of the older houses are being fixed up and restored rather than torn down so it’s always really interesting to just walk or even drive down Maine Street and look at the architecture (Quincy is actually known for its historic architecture).

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Quincy really does have a lot to offer as a town. Not only that but the school buts on a lot of events that are really unique… but more on that later.


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