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Clubs… Stuff to Do

New students coming in to QU sometimes come in with a negative attitude, hating the school and the town and everything that goes with it. The trick to not getting stuck in this trap or rut, at any school, is to get involved. You aren’t going to enjoy a school if all you ever do it just sit in your room, go to class, and sleep. It definitely helps to get out there, meet new people, and try new things.

My freshman year I didn’t do much of anything and I was all set to transfer to St. Louis University for the start of my sophomore year. But something changed towards the end of the year and I started getting involved more and asserting myself more around campus. I went to the movie nights at the Campus Ministry house and went to events put on by some of the clubs on campus; basically I just started to get to know more people. When the end of the school year came along about a month later I was actually sad to be leaving.

That’s when I decided that transferring wasn’t the best idea and that all I really needed to do was get involved. Sophomore year I joined clubs, starting going to more SPB events, and trying more things that I hadn’t the previous year. It made my experiences at school so much better and I stopped wishing I could leave and I started enjoying QU for what it really is.

Some of the clubs and stuff that QU offers are:

Student Senate: Got a problem with something on campus or in school? Student Senate is the place to bring it. Every club is supposed to have a representative to vote on various issues around the school that we as students want to see changed. A recent proposal that was put into action involved purchasing textbooks. In previous years the ISBN numbers of any textbook was not released to the students until they actually were in the bookstore so it was impossible to be sure that you were buying the right book if you got it online. Student Senate just recently passed a proposal that requests teachers put the ISBN numbers on Moodle (our online class management system) before the class starts so students have the option of buying their books from places besides the bookstore. This may not seem like a big deal but books are a lot cheaper at half.com or amazon.com.

Alpha Omicron Pi/Phi Sigma Sigma: Yeah, so these are the two sororities on campus. I’m not in either of them so I don’t have an insider’s view of what they do but I do know they have a lot of events to raise money for their specific philanthropies and to kind of get their name out there so people want to join. I do know that it’s nothing like how TV portrays sororities- no hazing, no petty girlie-fighting.

Delta Tau Delta: The only fraternity currently on QU’s campus. There was another one that got shut down the year before I started here but oh well- we take what we can get. They do a lot of things with the sororities plus a couple of random other events that they throw by themselves. They have barbeques in their backyard sometimes that a lot of people like to go to.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Aka the drama club. They put on plays and other shows throughout the year. QU Idol is usually one of the more popular events that they put on but that’s not the only one.

Circle K: Circle K is pretty much the college version of Key Club, if you’ve heard of that. It’s a service club started up and sponsored by Kiwanis International so they do a lot with them as well as other service projects and fundraisers.

The Falcon: That’s our student newspaper. I think it’s actually a requirement now that Communication students have to work on the Falcon for at least a year. It’s actually pretty versatile though- not limited to just writing. I was a photographer/writer last year plus you can also be a copywriter, editor, layout editor, and other jobs if you qualify and are interested.

Pep Club: The club for pretty much anyone who likes to go to sports games and scream their head off. They get T-shirts, throw t-shirts to the audience, make noise makers and I don’t even know what else.

Student Programming Board: Anytime a band or comedian or anything else comes to campus it’s because of SPB. They go to conventions and pick out the best entertainment to come to school on the weekends. They host Rock the Nest (an acoustic series) on Thursday nights and Friday Night Live on Fridays, plus other events throughout the year.

So, those obviously aren’t the only clubs and activities that you can take part in but I don’t really have the attention span to sit here and write every little thing you can do at QU. Plus you probably don’t have the time or attention span to read all that. But if you really want to know more about what we have you can go to the School’s Clubs and Activities Page.

You can also form your own club if you don’t find exactly what you want. Two years ago a couple of freshmen started the Ultimate Frisbee Club which is still going pretty strong. All you need is ten members and a faculty advisor and you’ve got yourself a club.

It’s not difficult to get used to college as long as you come in with the right attitude, get to know people, and get used to the idea that you can have so many great experiences no matter where you end up.


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