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Location, Location, Location

I drove over the river yesterday. It looks pretty terrible- my favorite gazebo by the river is almost completely covered. Now where am I supposed to sit and eat chicken nuggets when I have nothing else to do?

Alright, so I guess that’s really the least of the problems caused by this flood but looking at the water level on the Illinois side vs. the Missouri side is… weird. The land in Missouri right off the river is so much lower it’s not even funny. They’re the ones who are in danger more than Quincy just because looking across from West Quincy in Missouri to Quincy you can see that Quincy is built on a huge bluff that looks over the Mississippi River and into Missouri. It is soo much higher and therefore there is just no chance that the water will even come close to reaching the school or even the downtown area. Lucky for us.

People from home are still constantly e-mailing me and calling me to make sure I’m alive. Oh well… at least they care, I suppose.

So this happened before in 1993… the Mississippi River flooded to a little bit higher than it is now and there were sandbagging efforts and it seems like it was pretty much the same thing that’s been happening now. Well, according to an article I read in USA Today, I think it was, they did all their sandbagging and piled them on the levees and everything was great- it didn’t look like any of the water was going to get into West Quincy or Quincy or anywhere in this area. But then, a man decided to take some of the sandbags out of the levee, which caused a leak and eventually worn down the sandbags and the levee until it broke and flooded West Quincy and Missouri with a couple feet of water. His reasoning for doing this? He wanted to keep partying and not have to go home- if the bridges were flooded over he wouldn’t be able to go home. Needless to say he ended up going to jail and that explains why members of the National Guard are constantly just sitting by the flood walls not doing much of anything. They’re just making sure it doesn’t happen again.

That story kind of shocked me. One man caused so much destruction just to stay at some party? Sometimes I don’t understand people but what can you do? At least now they can take precautions against that happening again along with any other disasters that may occur.

Random note- I just saw Quincy on CNN… That’s always kind of cool just because CNN is national and Quincy is… well… Quincy. But I guess that’s what happens when Quincy is the main place where sandbagging is taking place and four levees have breached this week so far. What a crazy time to be in southern Illinois, that’s all I can say about that.


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