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The Flood of ’08

It’s definitely a crazy time to be in Quincy right about now. All summer it seems it has been raining and storming and just crazy weather altogether. It never really occurred to me until like the middle of last week that excess rain plus river means risky business. The Mississippi River right now is just ridiculous. Apparently there was a giant flood in 1993 that I didn’t even know about because it just wasn’t as bad in Chicago but it’s supposed to be worse than that this year. It’s funny though because I was home this past weekend and nobody even really knew about the crazy flooding here it until it came out on the news that Barach Obama was in Quincy over the weekend to help the sandbagging efforts. Figures- I leave for two days and suddenly a potential presidential candidate shows up. Oh well, story of my life. A friend of mine actually met him because he works at the airport and was there when Obama’s plane came in. Some people just have all the luck.

I digress… a lot. Anyway, I guess some people from the school and the campus ministry department went and helped sandbag too over the weekend. Too bad we’re not in school. That would probably be something a lot of people at QU might do to help, or at least students in Circle K or service groups (or for extra credit… you never know).

I actually just learned what sandbagging even means. They fill up bags with sand and use them to keep the water from flooding over the levee and stuff. They need all the sandbags they can get I guess because the water is projected to go up another couple feet in the next few days. One of the bridges into Missouri is already shut down because the water is THAT high. I should really go ride my bike and look at it… I’m kind of curious because last time I was down there it didn’t look that high at all and that was just 2 weeks ago or so. Thank you, global warming.


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