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Concentration? On What?

I suppose I’ve talked more about events and general school information than the actual Communications program at this point. It’s just tricky to really be able to write about it seeing as we’re not really in school and therefore not much has been going on in terms of what the program has been doing.

I was in Dr. John’s office on Friday and he showed me the most recent Communications magazine that the Publication Workshop class puts together each spring semester. It looks pretty good although there’s one picture of me that’s in there that’s absolutely terrible. Oh well, nothing I can do about that, right?

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Public Relations and Professional Communications concentration within my major. I figured now would be as good a time as any to explain a little bit about what I mean by that.

QU offers five different concentrations for the Communications major. They are:

Broadcast Communications- If you want to work in news or any sort of video production this is probably the concentration for you. One of my friends is concentrating in this and she has an internship at KHQA (one of the TV stations in Quincy) where she actually gets to film the news stories, interview people, and edit the film so it’s TV-ready.

Journalism- Probably speaks for itself but Journalism prepares you for newspaper, magazine, and online news writing. We have a student newspaper called the Falcon that a lot of the Journalism students work for, plus a couple of people work for the Quincy Herald-Whig or other newspapers.

Professional Communications- I just added this concentration to my degree sometime during the middle of last year. It puts business and marketing aspects into the communications mix, preparing students for working not only in communications but also in an executive-type position. It’s a good one for people who don’t necessarily have that business savvy mind but are still interested in it.

Public Relations- Near and dear to my heart, public relations is the communications aspect of Marketing. It’s more about selling a company’s image than selling their actual product or service. But the good thing about this is you can do almost anything with it. A degree in PR can get you a job in PR, naturally, but it can also prepare you for being a campaign manager, event planner, sales person, or a number of other things.

Sports Communication- Well, this is obviously for people interested in sports- definitely not me. Basically, it’s a lot like broadcast only it emphasizes more on the sports side of broadcasting, including radio. A couple of the current Sports Communication students have a sports talk radio show on WQUB, the school’s radio station. It’s actually been pretty successful, especially considering that WQUB doesn’t have a huge listener rating to begin with.

I know that probably wasn’t the most informative little blurb ever written but it’s enough to kind of give a background on the individual programs.

You can also go to the QU Communication website (don’t worry, they’re working on updating it. Right now it doesn’t really look that pretty) or the QU website for more information.


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