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Yup, it’s summertime

Being summer and all there isn’t really much I can say for what’s going on around Quincy. Normally I’d just go home for the summer but this summer turned out to be a little different. For starters, I took a summer school class that just ended on May 30 (it was a 2-week class… but I had to sit in class for 4 hours a day… that’s always fun). It’s weird though because it turned out that nobody else signed up for the course that I was in. Normally they would just cancel it but the teacher e-mailed me and asked if I would want to take it independent study so I went for it. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. The teacher isn’t someone that I know like my usual communications or art professors so that was awkward at first but we pretty much got used to everything by the second week. The class is called Introduction to Information Technology. I’m not entirely sure why I need that for Communications but oh well; it’s one less class that I’ll have to squeeze in during the school year.

I’m also working at my internship this summer. I don’t really know how to describe what I do so I hate when people ask me. I’m sort of a research assistant to a judge but that’s not all that I do. He’s a very active man so he’s not only working on his law books but he also has a number of web sites and other projects that I’m largely a part of. So that’s what I do in summary but, I don’t know- I have a lot of random little jobs that he has me doing.

Summer around here is funny though. It’s so obvious that everyone knows everyone here, even if you aren’t good friends. My house right now is next to one of the sorority houses and a couple of the girls are also here for the summer. They had a barbeque over the weekend and the result was a mesh of everyone left here at school, all in one group. People that normally don’t hang out during the school year were acting like best friends at this barbeque. It was great community and it made me look forward to the summer more than I had been before. To think… I was worried that I’d be spending the entire summer with just my housemates.


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