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School’s out…

While I’ll admit that I’m extremely glad to say that the school year and all the work that comes with it is officially over, I’m sad because, well, for starters most of the students have left so it’s far less busy around here. This could take some time getting used to.

The weekend before the last week of school was this great last hurrah but now it’s all over until next year- that’s kind of depressing. Student Programming Board held their annual event, Hawk Wild, which is the biggest event that they put on all year, I think. It’s a weekend-long event centered around the Hawk Wild sports events (they aren’t really sports so much as relay races on big blow up obstacle courses and other random races like seeing which team can find all the scrabble letters in a bucket of sand first). Teams win based on points, so starting that Thursday up until the actual games they have random ways to collect points, like the aluminum can sculpture contest or the canned food drive. The whole weekend was a ton of fun but the best part was definitely the Hawk Wild sports events. Not to brag or anything, but my team won all the races except for one. The best was one of the inflatable obstacle courses. We were about a whole person behind when our last guy went into the course, but somehow just as the other team was about to emerge, he came bursting out and we ended up winning with about a half second lead. It was absolutely the greatest moment of the day. In the end we got 5th place out of 21 but we got absolutely devoured in the tug of war at the end when we went up against a team of football players. They literally dragged us across the line- we didn’t stand a chance in the slightest.

At least there’s always next year to look forward too… next year and the hopes of fun times for the summer in Quincy, IL. Who knows what’ll happen…

Our team before we got absolutely killed at Tug of War

Well, that’s us before we got dragged across the sand in under 30 seconds. Oh well. Like the shirts? I guess you can’t really see them but I made them for everyone. I have too much free time sometimes.


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